Talking to stangers

I can’t explain why I do not like talking to people that I do not know. It may have to do with the fact that since I do not know them then we will have nothing to talk about, except maybe like the weather or maybe it could be Monday and we both hate Monday’s. But why even bother if that is going to be the extent of our conversation? If I can’t talk to you about your life or my life, if we are just going to comment on how cold it is or that the weekend is just not long enough, what’s the point?

My husband would say that people need community and kindness and when strangers talk to each other it’s because they need to feel that they are not alone in the world. So I’m the rude one who doesn’t want to talk? I can see his point and I understand the need to feel like you are not alone. The other day for instance, I know that I am not alone, I just really, really like being around no one. I know that I have my husband, my parents, my brother and his family and of course the few friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin. I just don’t have that need to be around people to feel alive. I feel alive on my own. It is the only time that I can truly be myself without having to worry about the things that I say, because let me be honest here, some of the things that come out of my mouth sounded a lot better in my head. My husband is literally the only person in this world that I can be around all day everyday and not have a need to be away from him.

If I am going to let myself open up to someone then I want that to be meaningful, I do not want to waste my time or the other persons time with just idle words. We are going to have a conversation, it doesn’t have to be a deep, soul seeking conversation but a conversation that is going to last more than a few words and we will definitely learn something about each other when it’s over. Those of my kind of conversations, ones that both people will get something out of. I cannot tell you have many times that I have been stuck in a conversation with someone that has not listened to a word I have said, they were only waiting for me to get done talking just so they could get in the next thing that they wanted to say. Or with some people I could never get in a word because they talk so much that the story they are talking about has a sub story, then that sub story has a sub story and so on, I have talked to many people that do that. When I figure out that the person I’m talking to does one of these things, then I just stop trying, there is really no point.

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