Private Time

I don’t feel that many people respect other people’s private time, this could be because I am a introvert but still I think that people want to talk to you they don’t really care what you’re doing they are going to disturb you no matter what. I know that being an introvert I need a lot more private time than others so I try to let it slide whenever I can and not get upset when others encroach on my time, however I do feel that if I am in certain places, like for instance the bathroom, nothing is that important that you need to talk to me when I am in there, unless there is a major emergency, which is going to be very unlikely.

Just to give you an example, I work in a collision shop, my shop is located inside of a car dealership. We are two different companies, my collision shop rents the body shop area from the dealership. We do the body work on their cars in the lot when they need us to and they also recommend their customers to us for work, we get most of our parts for our cars through them, this particular family who owns this dealership owns multiple dealerships, they pretty much have a dealership for every make of car, so we get our parts through them and in return they give us work but we are two different companies. I am the only girl that works in my body shop, the other six employees are men. This is fine, they totally respect me and never make anything awkward.

We do not have our own bathroom in our shop, the guys can just use the locker room bathroom that the dealership has for their technicians, this bathroom is pretty much in between our shop and theirs. I have to use the bathroom that is in the front show room. It is on the other side of the building from our shop and the women who work at the dealership along with all their customers use this bathroom, our customers use this bathroom as well. This is fine, I do not mind walking all that way, it gets me out of sitting all day. What I do mind is having conversations with women I barely know in there. I talk to the women that work in the dealership office because that is where I get my mail and where I go to talk to the lady who works in the accounts department. They are all nice but I don’t feel that we need to chit chat while we are both peeing. Let’s do our business then we’ll chat.

Side story; There was one point where the women’s bathroom was under construction which meant we all had to share a co-ed community bathroom.  These were the worst two weeks of bathroom situation that I have ever dealt with.  It seemed like on a daily basis that the there was a clogged toilet.  I guess it makes sense since there were twice as many people using them but you would think that a commercial building like ours would be capable of handling a large number of people but I guess not.  Rant over…..

I go up to the office every day in the afternoon to check to see if we have any mail up there. The mail gets delivered to them in the morning but I will always wait until the afternoon to get it because they are busy, they have their work to do, so I give them time to sort out my mail. I do this every day in the afternoon, I have never not done this. The other day I go up there to use the bathroom, it is mid morning, I am the only one in the bathroom, awesome. I sit down and do my thing, a lady who works in the office opens the bathroom door, peaks her head in and says to me “You got mail up here”, at first I don’t say anything, I am shocked that this has just happened, then I recover and realize she is waiting for my response so I quickly say “OK”. She walks out.

Was that really necessary? Couldn’t she have waited until I got out to say that?  Was the mail just really too important that day to wait until the afternoon? Or am I just really introverted?

thanks for being here, hope you come back!


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