Hardest Part

I love being an introvert, I’m a proud introvert, it is who I am and I’m perfectly good with it but the hardest part about it for me is that I’m a friendly introvert. You might ask why this is hard. It’s hard because I always feel bad when I’m not in the mood to talk to people. I feel like I’m letting that person down or that they will think that I’m not a friendly person.

There are many times that I enjoy talking with people, like my coworkers. I’m used to them and feel comfortable around them that I pretty much talk to them all day, we have discussion about everything, we never just have small talk. But when we get customers in the store and we’re practically strangers, it’s all small talk. The conversation starts out fine but then nothing substantial is said and the talk just fizzles out. Then it’s awkward. Do I bring up something stupid to keep the conversation going? Or do I go back to work and ignore the customer? They are sitting right in front of me, we are face to face so it’s a tough call to make.

I feel completely awkward in these situations and can never decide what to do so I just sit there and work and if they start talking again I will join in because I do not want them to awkward, I want them to feel at ease here, even though I don’t. They usually continue to talk because I give them no indication that I do not want to. Most people will continue to talk to me because I give off this friendliness aura. I can’t stand rude people so I tried never to be rude or come off as being rude. So people feel free to talk to me for as long as I stay and listen.

Another example are repair technicians that come out to your house to fix or replace stuff. It’s already bad enough that I had to allow a complete stranger in the house and I know that most of them are just regular nice guys but being an introvert and having a stranger in your house is a horrifying experience. Our water heater had just died and we were hoping to just get it fixed but it needed to be replaced. My husband went online and found a local company that had good reviews on their website and scheduled a technician to come out. The guy was really nice and super professional but he was a “Chatty Kathy” and I am just glad that my husband was there to talk to him because I probably would have hidden in our bedroom the entire time.

Thanks everyone for stopping by, I hope to see you again


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