I love to read, you could almost say that I am addicted to reading. I have a book with me everywhere I go. I am never without one. I read so much that my husband thinks it’s ridiculous how much I read, he only thinks that because reading makes him sleepy, after like two pages he can hardly keep his eyelids open. He listens to books on tape, I could do that too but I love the feel of a book in my hands, that’s why I have never gotten a tablet and stored my books on it. I never will.

I am a pretty fast reader, I go through like three books a week. I used to buy them at the bookstore, paperbacks were my thing because they were cheaper than the hard covers but with how much I read, I was blowing through money like crazy. So I started searching out book fairs, you can get a book for one dollar at those. Amazing. I would go a couple days in a row and buy like fifty or sixty books in all and hoped that they would last me until the next book fair. They are not that common. After awhile my books would run out and I would find myself back at the bookstore. Finally, I realized that I did not to keep buying books, I rarely read them a second time, I only did when the book blew me away, so I got a library card and now I just check them out and return them when I am done. The library is probably one of the greatest things that our world has created. Free books, whenever you want them, what could be better? I’ll tell you, if my local library does not have a book in their stock that I would like to read, then I will go online to my account and request that particular book and put it on hold. They will actually go get it from another library for me and I can pick it up from them when it comes in. That’s how it can get better!

Like I said earlier, I am probably addicted to books, I’m OK with that. You just never know when you’ll have an opportunity to read a couple of paragraphs, pages or chapters so I carry a book with me at all times. Life is unpredictable, so in one of the most unlikely of places an opportunity may arise where I could get in some reading, I would be totally devastated if I didn’t have a book with me. Even if I didn’t get a chance to read, just knowing that I have my book with me helps soothes my mind. It is far better to have a book and not have an opportunity to read than to have an opportunity to read and not have a book. I guess the point that I am trying to make here is that, why interact with other people when you could just read a book?

Thanks for listening, hope you find your way back!



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