Hi everyone, my name is Grace and I am a proud introvert. Like most you fellow introverts we get labeled by all sorts of different names like shy, quiet, anti-social and some mean ones like rude, bitchy and hates people. We all know that none of those are truly true, if those people could see into our heads than they would think we are the loudest people on earth. It’s hard for people to understand that we need to know our surroundings before we will open up to anyone. We feel vuleranble when we are put into a situation without having been prepared first. It takes us awhile to react to things because we are going over them again and again in our heads to make sure that whatever words come out of our mouths that it won’t embarass us.

I’m starting this blog to let off some steam, I have found that it is much easier for me to get what I need said by writing it down instead of speaking them, so here I am. I hope that we can join together here and be proud introverts in each of our separate homes. I would like us all to have a place where we are completely comfortable speaking our minds when we are upfor it, so please post comments or email something that you would like me to post and I take care of it for you.

Thanks for finding me here, enjoy this video, I found it humorous